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           27   Dazed And Confused
             3   NO MUSIC           
           10   Todd Mertens
           17   Aaron Ziolkowski
           24   Adam Putzer
             1   David Knaudt
             8   Kevin Mikula
           15   Rob Koepf
           22   Mick Wolcott
             5   McBrien
           12   Zak Ward
           19   TJ Sansone
           26   Mick Wolcott
             3   Zak Ward     
Cocktails Can Be Made With Any Barn Dog Spirits
Rum Punch - $6   Red Boot Vanilla Rum, orange peach mango juice

Mojito - $8   Your choice of Rum, fresh lime juice, mint, sugar, and club soda  

Piña Colada - $8  Traditional Coconut | Mango | Banana | Strawberry  Red Boot Vanilla Rum, pineapple juice, cream of coconut,  fresh lime juice 

Dark & Stormy - $8   Golden Oak Dark Rum, ginger beer, fresh lime juice

Honey Tea - $6  Honeycomb Liqueur, iced tea, and a squeeze of lemon
Honey Lemonade - $6   Honeycomb Liqueur, lemonade, and a splash of seltzer
Honey Palmer - $6   Honeycomb Liqueur, iced tea and lemonade, and a squeeze of lemon

Sunrise - $7   Black Boot White Rum, orange juice, grenadine

Breeze - $7   Red Boot Vanilla Rum, cranberry juice, grapefruit juice

Coco Loco - $8   Red Boot Vanilla Rum, vanilla or chocolate almond milk, cold brew coffee; optional whipped cream

Craft Beer -$4.25- $6

       42 North    

             Asylum Porter          Craftsman Lager     

             Borderland IPA        Illumination Pilsner

Domestic Beer - $3    

             Labatt Blue                Blue Light

             Bud Light                    Busch Light

Barn Dog Labels - $7

Guest Spirits                                                               
    Bourbon  - $8   

           Buffalo Trace    Noble Oak      

      Premium Bourbon  - $9   

            Eagle Rare       Widow Jane     

      Vodka  - $7                  

            Buffalo Distilling 

      Gin - $7                      

            Hendrick’s         Lockhouse New York Style

Pop, Iced Tea, Seltzers and Water also Available

10% Military Discount     $10 minimum credit card requested

Friday and Saturday

Weekly Brunch Menu on BDCD Facebook Page

 Our menu embraces smoked meats, gourmet rubs, sauces and dressings. We strive to use minimally processed natural and organc ingredients

Shareable Starters
Chicken Nachos - $12  Organic Yellow and Blue Corn Chips, Organic Chicken, Taco Cheese Sauce, Fresh Salsa, Scallions 

Signature Dinners
Brisket Mac ‘n Cheese - $16  Cheese Sauce, Crumbled Brisket Burger, Bacon, Salt and Pepper Rub, Scallions, Parsley,Half Spring Mix Salad
Chicken Drumstick Lollipops (4) - $14 Plain, BBQ Sauce or Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese, Blue Cheese Dressing, Celery, Carrots, Spring Mix
in a Wild Floral Arrangement

Mac ‘n Cheese - $12  Cheese Sauce, BBQ Rub, Scallions, Parsley, Half Side of Spring Mix Salad
Sandwiches (Served on French Bread with Fresh Pickle and Baby Baked Potatoes - O’Doughs GF Thins Available)
Brisket Burger - $14  Shredded Cheese, Bacon, Spring Mix, Tomato, Onion, Ketchup & Spicy Mustard or BBQ Sauce
Organic Chicken - $14  Spring Mix, Tomato, Onion,
BBQ Sauce, Shredded Cheese, Broccoli Slaw  or Buffalo Sauce, Blue Cheese,Blue Cheese Dressing

Pork Ribeye - $12   Butter Sauce, Garlic, Provolone, Spring Mix, 
BBQ Sauce, Caramelized Onions, Caramelized Mushrooms  or  Spicy Mustard, Broccoli Slaw, Extra Pickle

Spring Mix Salad - $6   with Broccoli Slaw, Grape Tomato, Onion, Poppy Seed Dressing, Croutons
Broccoli Slaw - $4  withPoppy seed Dressing

Friday and Saturday

Shareable Starters
Loaded Tater Tots - $12  with Cheese Sauce, Bacon, Scallions
Loaded Waffle Fries - $12 with Cheese Sauce, Bacon, Scallions
Flatbread PIzza
Buffalo Lollipop - $14  Blue Cheese Dressing, Pulled Chicken Drumstick Lollipop, Buffalo Sauce, Mozzarella, Provolone, Blue Cheese, Parsley
Pepperoni - $12   Sauce, Mozzarella, Provolone, Pepperoni, Parsley


Tater Tots Large - $6

Waffle Fries Large - $6
Mac'n Cheese - $5

Extras  (Two Ounce Cup w/Lid)
Maple & Honeycomb Liqueur BBQ Sauce - $3             
BBQ Rub - $3       

Salt and Pepper Rub - $2                                                       Maple Poppy Seed Dressing - $2

Spicy Mustard - $2                                                                    Buffalo Sauce  - $2 

Blue Cheese - $2                                                                       Salsa - $2