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 Built To Last A Lifetime

Our handmade furniture showcases the natural beauty of the hardwoods selected.
Available in a variety of designs, sizes and wood thicknesses, choose your own design elements, or select from pieces on display. Our one-of-a-kind creations can be made to meet any sized budget. Custom orders are always welcome.
All of our furniture can be viewed in the Distillery.

 Multiple Design

Slab and Burl Tables

Stunning slabs of hardwood which are carefully selected for every piece of furniture, reveal the unique characteristics of each individual tree.

Live Edge

With this option, the natural edge of the wood slab is left intact, and incorporated into the overall design. This may be a rough and uneven texture, or a smooth and wavy surface.

A live edge brings out the character of each tree, revealing individual growth lines, knots and imperfections. No two pieces of live edge furniture are ever the same.

Linear Edge

In this simple and elegant design, the natural, rough edge of

the wood is removed, exposing a beautiful wood grain which is carried through the table edge.

Rectangular and Smooth Edge Tables

Selected wood sections are joined together, allowing multiple types of wood to be merged; creating a classic and trendy feel. Customized dimensions and shapes are available.

Epoxy Resin River

In this unique design technique, a channel is formed in the wood top. Color is added to an epoxy resin, and poured through the channel, creating a stunning and one-of-a kind accent.


Large Tables


Small Tables

High Top Tables

Other Tables

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